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The Women’s Studies program, in the College of Arts and Sciences, offers a course of study that leads to the
Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies. The program has affiliated faculty members from more than 20 different programs in the social and behavioral sciences, humanities, and health sciences. The program is designed to allow students working toward a degree in departments such as English, Comparative Studies, History, Music,
Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, or Theatre to draw on faculty whose work deals with gender issues in a wide range of disciplines. Since Women’s Studies has affiliates in nearly every department in the social sciences and humanities, the certificate program offers graduate students the opportunity for an unusually rich interdisciplinary experience.

The program is particularly strong in feminist theory, with faculty affiliates from the Departments of Art, Comparative Studies, English, Hispanic Languages and Literature, History, and Philosophy offering courses in this area. Other areas of concentration include European and Latin American women’s history; women in British, American, and Caribbean literature; women in the Third World; women in science and medicine; and queer studies.

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