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Stony Brook University's Master of Arts in Public Policy prepares students to take a wide variety of leadership roles in the growing field of public policy. Among the many opportunities that await graduates of this program are staff and managerial positions in executive, legislative or judicial agencies at the local, state, national and international level; work on behalf of candidates for public office; positions in public policy journalism; work for private, non-profit and advocacy organizations; leadership roles in civic associations; or advanced graduate study.

The MAPP program combines rigorous instruction in key components of public policy development with detailed analysis of specific public policy issues and fieldwork. The program's core required courses teach skills in political, economic, quantitative and organizational analysis, with a practical focus on the solutions to complex public policy problems. With this foundation, students take one or more courses in a specialized concentration and a related internship or research assignment. The basic MAPP program of 30 credit hours can be completed in one calendar year by full-time students, and within two years by those attending part-time.

With additional coursework, students interested in applying public policy concepts to the world of business may elect to earn a Master of Business Administration degree along with their MAPP in a combined and accelerated 69 credit hour MAPP/MBA sequence. Stony Brook University undergraduates with a GPA of 3.0 or better are eligible to enroll in the five-year Accelerated BA/MAPP program, by taking up to 6 graduate credits while they fulfill the upper-level undergraduate elective requirements and completing the remaining graduate requirements in the fifth year of full-time study.

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