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Ph.D. in Mathematics

Stony Brook's Mathematics Department is a world-class center of mathematical research, with particular strengths in differential geometry, algebraic geometry, differential topology, complex analysis, and mathematical physics. Our PhD program has consistently been ranked among the best 20 in the country overall, and is ranked among the top five in certain specialties. Admission is very competitive, and the program is extremely demanding, but all of our PhD students receive full financial support, and many of our graduates have gone on to brilliant academic careers and tenured positions at major research universities. For further information about the program, visit our
Graduate Handbook pages.

The Mathematics Department also offers a degree of MA in Mathematics. It is less demanding than the PhD degree and suitable for students who wanted to be teachers in institutions of higher (post high school) education that do not require research mathematicians. Students in the PhD program often get masters degrees in this program on their way to (or even instead of) a PhD. Further information about this program is also to be found in the Graduate Handbook pages. This program should not be confused with either of the programs for teachers described below.

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The M.A. Program: Secondary Teacher

The Secondary Teacher Option is a 30-credit, two-year, part-time program designed for secondary school mathematics teachers who are seeking permanent certification. The nine required courses in the program are given in the evenings and in summer on a rotating basis; each required course is offered at least once every two and a half years.

Stony Brook also offers a separate Masters of Arts
in Teaching: Mathematics  7-12. This program is administered by  the School of Professional Development rather  than by the Mathematics Department. For more information, visit :

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