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The Department of Anthropology, within the College of Arts and Sciences, offers a graduate program leading to the M.A. degree. In the M.A. program candidates may study toward a master’s in anthropology with a concentration in archaeology, physical anthropology, or sociocultural anthropology. Admission and degree requirements are the same but the course of study differs.

Research and teaching facilities are maintained for the study of dental structure and microwear, human and primate evolution, lithic technology, paleoethnobotany, remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS), and zooarchaeology. The archaeology and physical anthropology laboratories contain state-of-the-art scanning and digitizing equipment and a variety of microscopes. The GIS Laboratory contains eight networked Pentium computers configured to run ArcGIS 9 software.

Teaching collections include extensive primate and hominin fossil cast collections as well as modern human skeletons; Near Eastern ceramics; stone tools from Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America; and faunal assemblages from North America and Southwest Asia. In addition, the Institute for Long Island Archaeology (ILIA) maintains a large collection of library and archival materials relating to the history and archaeology of coastal New York.

For students interested in anthropological research in the New York/ Long Island area, there is a research room containing an expanding collection of documentary material. The Institute for Long Island Archaeology performs cultural resource surveys and environmental impact statements for the area and provides equipment for survey, excavation, and data analysis.

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