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The Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, within the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, offers programs in computational applied mathematics, computational biology, operations research, and statistics, leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.The Department offers an integrated series of courses and seminars, supervised reading, and facilities for research. Emphasis is on the study of real-world problems, computational modeling, and the development of necessary analytical concepts and theoretical tools. A stateof-the-art, computational laboratory is operated for student education and research. A University-based, 100Tf, BlueGene super computer and an xx node linux cluster are available for student access. This laboratory includes an advanced parallel supercomputer that is one of the most powerful machines of its type on the East Coast. It also features a network of advanced Unix workstations and modern printing facilities. The laboratory’s full-time staff is available to help students become familiar with the laboratory facilities.

Students participate in joint research with five national laboratories, several industrial groups, and various science, biomedical, and engineering programs.
Students, who receive a broad training, find themselves excellently prepared for careers in government and industry in which mathematics is used as a computational or conceptual tool.

A more detailed description of the graduate program is available from the Departmental office. This includes specific distribution requirements, fields
of specialization, and information on the preliminary and qualifying examinations. Interested students should request information and application forms as
early as possible, especially if they plan to apply for financial aid.

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