Stony Brook Information Videos in Chinese

For the last ten years, the Graduate School has been sending a team of faculty to various cities in China to interview a select number of Chinese applicants to our doctoral programs. To support that effort, this video series was created with the intention of answering some commonly asked questions by prospective students. They feature current Stony Brook University graduate students that came from China. These students share their personal experiences and advice on a range of topics such as housing, weather, recreation, research opportunities, and the overall PhD experience. You may choose to watch the complete 30-minute video or topic segments. We hope you find these videos to be helpful and look forward to welcoming you to our campus community soon.

Graduate Student Life at Stony Brook


Volume I - Language Assimilation




Volume II - Recreation - On Campus and Around town                 




Volume III - Recreation - New York City



Volume IV - Daily Life


Volume V - Research




Introduction to Research Video by Dr. Minghua Zhang


Research - Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology


Research - Materials Science and Engineering

Research - Physics


Research - Electrical and Computer Engineering


Research - Chemistry