Don’t Go Broke Getting your Master’s: Strategies for Managing Finances in Graduate School

Financial Workshop

STONY BROOK, NY -- What is the difference between secured credit and unsecured credit? How about the difference in revolving credit and installment credit? Should you close the old credit card that’s not been out of your wallet in years – how will that impact your credit score?

Renee Pelletier, from Stony Brook’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, addressed these questions and more at the November 10 workshop titled "Don't Go Broke Getting Your Master’s.” Ms. Pelletier shed light on how to build credit, what hurts or strengthens it, and offered tips on growing a good score in order to get the best interest rate on future purchases. 

Attendees left with an extensive list of resources to create a budget for daily and future expenses. One suggestion Ms. Pelletier highlighted was the use of free software that downloads to users’ phones, links to their credit and debit cards, and helps track purchases for a detailed breakdown of spending habits.

A recording of the workshop, organized and hosted by Graduate Student Advocate Ann Levy, is available at

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