Goldhaber Prize Application Form

Eligibility Requirements:


This award is open to women graduate students in Physics who are either (1) enrolled at the State University of New York at Stony Brook or are (2) performing their thesis research at BNL. The applicant must have been admitted to candidacy for a doctoral degree in Physics, must still be actively enrolled in the graduate program, and must not be receiving her degree before September 1, 2015.

The award recipient will be announced by the end of June 2015, and the award ceremony will take place in Summer 2015. The winner will be expected to give a short seminar on her work at the award ceremony.

Application Procedure:

Applications can be submitted by any female graduate student in Physics performing her thesis work at BNL or enrolled in the Department Physics and Astronomy at SUNY Stony Brook.

The applicants should provide:

  • The Personal Data Form,
  • a copy of their graduate course transcript,
  • a list of their publications,
  • copies of any papers to which they have made a substantial contribution, and
  • two letters of recommendation highlighting their accomplishments.

The Physics Department of the student's institution must furnish verification of her candidacy, and the expected date of receipt of degree.

All materials should be submitted by April 30, 2015.

For further information, please contact:
Linda Bowerman, 344-4265, or email: