GSO's Financial Support For Departments

The GSO provides financial support for departments, limited to $1000 per department, on first come first serve basis. Each graduate department may use their allocation for whatever purposes their graduate students as a whole may decide, provided that benefits of these funds are available to all members of the department.

Department allocation funds are issued only after the funds have been spent. Make sure to hold onto your original receipts to turn in to the GSO. Handwritten receipts will not be accepted. Under certain circumstances, the expenses may be prepaid by the GSO Treasurer. There include but are not limited to: online purchases, catering services, other one-time expenses. The decision to prepay the expenses is made by the Treasurer.

Your department allocation does not need to be spent on one expense or event. However, you are required to submit a proposal before spending the allocation in order to reserve your allocation for future use, you can print out the department allocation form ( and have 30% of the total number of graduate students in your department or 50 students (whichever is less) sign the form. Additionally, you must include verification of the number of full-time and part-time graduate students in the department from the Graduate Program Director or the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Once you submit it to GSO office, you will receive an official e-mail verifying that you are allocated the amount requested. That will be your supporting document to claim the funds later during the year.

Once you hold the event (spend the amount allocated in some other way), attach your receipts to this information and turn in to the GSO office, SAC 227. The GSO will keep track of your expenses and let you know if you have exceeded the amount allocated to your department.

A necessary condition of funding under this line is having an active Senator at the Department. In order to verify if your department has an active senator, please contact Please visit the GSO website,, for more information, specifically the Internal Control Program ( can also contact the GSO office by email at if you have any further questions. GSO will not pay for alcohol or related expenses, unless the Department receives a permission from the Office of Vice President of Student Affairs.

For the budgeting purposes, GSO requires department to submit the budget proposal by February 15. If you need an extension for the deadline, please contact GSO Treasurer at